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Analog synth & MIDI controllers

n an era of digital technology, when all music is written on personal computers. We, one of the few on Earth, are trying to make for you instruments that create a live analog sound – a sound that cannot be compared with anything! Yes, we do not deny that making music on such instruments is not easy. But people who completely devote themselves to music, always strive to achieve the perfect rhythm and are looking for new instruments for this.
Mr.Pinkie PIG – This is a new brand of musical electronic instruments. We produce our devices in the Republic of Belarus and try to pay attention to every detail. We produce: MIDI Controllers, modulars, analog synth, loot guitar pedals, tube amps
Buying from us, you not only acquire the device you need, you also help our young company to develop!
Thanks in advance for choosing us.If you have read up to this point, then you have reached the site you need. Welcome to the fast changing world of
Mr.Pinkie PIG

MIDI controller with 16 potentiometers

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Team Members

Yuri Ereshenko

Electronics engineer

Igor Mileishi


Alex Zhabchik

Sound engineer

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